Where are Music Events Minnesota? We wanna know!

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Hey Minneapolis!! Where are the music events minnesota people??

Yes, we all know that Minneapolis is a hotbed for music talent. Also there are a lot of music lovers that enjoy watching live performances of the local artists.

However, where are these music events being produced? And why are they not promoted more publicly and seen more often. Whatever happened to the outdoor concert scene?

And whatever happened to acoustic sunrise? I recall going to Calhoun Square every Sunday morning and listening to local acoustic singer songwriter artist in the Centercourt. There were coffee sponsors like piece coffee, and some bakery wood donate donuts and pastries. Also the star Tribune would donate Sunday papers.

Those we’re the days!

Now the uptown area has been destroyed. The rioters, looters, vandalism and protesters ruined it all for everyone.

I hope we can bring back the peace love and happiness that the music attracted.

Owners of Minneapolis’ Calhoun Square say they’re dropping the name.

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