Minneapolis Real Estate use Live in person meetings and events to grow their business

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The savvy and successful Minneapolis Real Estate Agents are hosting live in person events and activities to build relationships with their customers and prospects.

My advice is to keep it simple. You don’t need to plan an elaborate event and spend a lot of money.


You only need two (2) basic things.

#1– An event or activity to invite your audience to. This can be a cruise on the Mississippi River or Lake Minnetonka. Keep in mind, you do not need to rent the boat, you only need to invite people to one of their already existing cruise activities like their Sunday Brunch, Taco Tuesday, Margarita Cruise or Beer and Pizza Cruise.

#2– The next thing you need, is a way to invite them to this event. I would suggest using direct mail invitations using the United States Postal Service, because delivery open rates are 80 to 100%. (unlike the 3% with email)

The platform I use is called MailBoxPower, and I call it my Magic Marketing Tool.


No worries, if you don’t already have a list of prospects, because with this magic marketing tool you can buy list specific to the real estate Business.


Oh yes, and by the way, if you need any assistance or just want to brainstorm on how to pull this strategy together, feel free to contact me.



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