Enchanting Moments Magic Show Extravaganza in Fridley, New Brighton, and Blaine, MN

When I was performing as a magician full-time back in the 90s I used Direct Mail Postcards a lot.

Now with today’s technology. I use a platform called MailBoxPower to do my postcard mailing.

Here is an example strategy.

Objective: Increase bookings for children’s magic shows within a 10-mile radius of [City].

  1. Target Audience:
    • Families with children aged 5-12.
    • Local schools, community centers, and daycare facilities.
  2. Design Eye-Catching Postcards:
    • Feature vibrant colors, magical imagery, and a friendly magician character.
    • Highlight key benefits like interactive performances, age-appropriate humor, and memorable experiences.
  3. Compelling Copy:
    • Craft concise, engaging copy emphasizing the uniqueness of your magic shows.
    • Include a call to action urging recipients to book now with a special limited-time offer.
  4. Contact Information:
    • Provide a clear and prominent contact number, email, and website.
    • Consider adding a QR code for quick access to online booking.
  5. Special Offers:
    • Introduce exclusive discounts for early bookings or group packages for birthday parties.
    • Emphasize the hassle-free experience for parents.
  6. Local Partnerships:
    • Collaborate with local businesses for cross-promotion, like offering discounts to your shows with a purchase from a partnering toy store.
  7. Distribution Strategy:
    • Target residential areas with families, ensuring a broad reach.
    • Partner with local businesses to display postcards at checkout counters or community bulletin boards.
  8. Follow-Up Mechanism:
    • Implement a follow-up plan, such as email campaigns or phone calls, to remind potential customers about the limited-time offers.
  9. Online Presence:
    • Leverage social media to complement the campaign, sharing behind-the-scenes content, testimonials, and upcoming show details.
  10. Feedback and Referral System:
    • Encourage customers to provide feedback and incentivize referrals with discounts for future bookings.

Remember to track the success of the campaign through booked shows and adjust strategies accordingly for continuous improvement. Good luck with your magical marketing journey!





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